The Popular Education Method

The Popular Education Method – Written by Najma Sadeque

Teacher Manual

Popular Education

Extract from the Preface :

“What is popular education?

This is best answered with the question : what do the people you plan to impart literacy to, want to learn and need to learn?”

Generally what people want to learn is ignored because most bureaucratic educationists and planner believe they know better what is good for others than the people themselves, including those about whose lives and problems they know nothing. The needs of others are perceived as what think they should be, not what they them to be. Most of the time the matter is given little thought, and the traditional syllabus and pattern no matter how outdated is simply repeated.

The popular education technique is a direct method for teaching adults and older children (above 12 years) learning for the first time.”  

Urdu Version:

Popular Education Method - Urdu

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