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Self-poisoning by license

The NATION – March 19, 2014 NAJMA SADEQUE Alarming news has just arrived from Canada. The latest research reveals that Bt toxins are turning up in pregnant women and killing human embryo cells and unborn babies. Where did these toxins … Continue reading

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Death by GM contamination

March 11, 2014 NAJMA SADEQUE How did all this happen? Easily. By steady, unrelenting persuasion by a chemical-cum-GM seed multinational sitting around in Pakistan the past 15 years, seemingly twiddling its thumbs. Starting in America, nothing happened by accident but … Continue reading

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Other womens priorities: other women’s rights

 4th March, 2014 Successive governments have perfected a ploy with which to address any issue they have no intention of resolving. They set up a committee or department to look into the matter. It drags on for years or decades until … Continue reading

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Those were the days (of WAF)

Women of Pakistan have come a long way. On the occasion of International Women’s Day, You! sheds light on the WAF of the eighties that may have been an incentive for hundreds if not thousands of women to move forward … Continue reading

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