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Without a fraction of reserve

Banks freely manufacture 90% of money. So why aren’t the majority of citizens being served?    November 27, 2013 NAJMA SADEQUE   Paper money and coins are for the general public – the ‘little’ people, who don’t earn enough to … Continue reading

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The global agri-feudals

The global agri-feudals   The Nation   NAJMA SADEQUE   There’s nothing new about the US goal of maintaining control over the world’s food and agriculture, or at least that of “developing countries”. It’s been an open secret since Kissinger’s … Continue reading

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Money problems

Other countries and communities have tackled their financial problems locally. Why can’t Pakistan?     6 November, 2013   Money problems –                     By Najma Sadeque   Imagine a village or even a small town, not necessarily physically isolated but otherwise … Continue reading

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Politics of the prize

What do cellphones, laptops, iPods and PlayStations have to do with mass violence against women? Politics of the prize  by Najma Sadeque What do cellphones, laptops, digital cameras, iPods and PlayStations have to do with sexualized violence against women and … Continue reading

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Religiously terrorized

Religiously terrorized Too many are demanding of blind faith Pakistan Today – 5 November, 2013 NAJMA SADEQUE Ever since General Ziaul Haq unilaterally decided that Pakistan’s majority religion was not exclusively the individual citizen’s business but that of the state, … Continue reading

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