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Gambling with land

by Najma Sadeque Last month, high-level representatives of the world’s richest countries, the G-20, met in Paris at their first agriculture-oriented meeting ever. Unstoppable food price rises and abject hunger since 2008 had become too glaring to ignore. Five hundred … Continue reading

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Turf Wars

by Najma Sadeque Those interested in urban history would be struck by the parallels between New York and Chicago, early in the last century, and present-day Karachi. They were controlled by Godfather type mafias working in tandem with political and … Continue reading

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Naturally Yours

– by Najma Sadeque Once upon a time all food was organic or naturally grown, meaning farmers mimicked nature’s processes. Essentially it meant that farmers were saving seed and returning crop and kitchen wastes and manure to the soil to … Continue reading

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