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Something to cry about

By:Najma Sadeque Concerns of an agricultural activist Ijaz Ahmad Rao, farmer and agricultural activist, is concerned about a particular Bt ‘Cry’ gene. He has reason to be. Among the crops he grows is cotton – the non-GMO variety. He is … Continue reading

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How WTO kills farmers

 by Najma Sadeque  Ten years ago yesterday (September 10, 2003) Lee Kyung-Hae, a well-educated, once highly-successful South Korean farmer — marched with 15,000 other farmers and indigenous people from around the world at the 5th WTO Ministerial at Cancun, Mexico, … Continue reading

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Corporate brinjal and the profit motive

By Najma Sadeque   When smooth operators can’t break in through the front entrance, they worm in from the back door. Even after a lawsuit was filed against Monsanto biopiracy, it took India’s civil society years to win a decade-long … Continue reading

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The battle for Pakistan’s agriculture

by Najma Sadeque The first battle never really took off even after 66 years – restoring unduly appropriated land to the tiller – and a second more destructive and far-reaching battle is already upon us. Monoculture killed three-fourths of global … Continue reading

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Conquest by GM seed

by Najma Sadeque Is our future to be controlled by corporate government? After all, that’s what happened in Iraq. Once Iraq was bombed to rubble and taken over, what was USA’s first step? They were prepared well in advance for … Continue reading

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Rimsha, religion and real estate

by Najma Sadeque A year ago, people were disgusted when a cleric named Khalid Chisti had planted false evidence on young Rimsha and incited locals against the Christian community to which she belonged. Once the media went onto other crises … Continue reading

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