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The Popular Education Method

The Popular Education Method – Written by Najma Sadeque Teacher Manual Extract from the Preface : “What is popular education? This is best answered with the question : what do the people you plan to impart literacy to, want to … Continue reading

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Why Land is a Women’s Issue

Chapter : Why Land is a Women’s Issue For the publication Property Rights in Pakistan by Economic Freedom Network Pakistan, Najma Sadeque writes the chapter on Why Land is a Women’s Issue.

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Pakistan Haunting Shadows of Human Security

Pakistan Haunting Shadows of Human Security This book is part of South Asia Human Security Series published by BIISS and is the product of a three-year regional collaborative research project titled, Human Security in South Asia: Discourse, Practice and Policy … Continue reading

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Dept by Entrapment

Dept by Entrapment – written and researched by Najma Sadeque How the two UN created banks re-colonised the South Information Dissemination Module This module provides a quick and as simple an explaination as possible about the workings and impact of … Continue reading

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Ground Realities

Ground Realities – written by Najma Sadeque Earth’s forgotten biological systems which make food, medicines, agriculture, industry, livelihoods, and life itself possible- and which poorly-informed or narrowly-focused science and technology and may take us down and render us extinct as … Continue reading

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How ‘they’ kill the World

How ‘they’ kill the World – written by Najma Sadeque What every taxpayer, refugee, and second-class citizen should know about the globalisation of militarism. There has always been pecking order and hierarchy in human society, sometimes accompanied by a belief … Continue reading

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How ‘they’ run the World

How ‘they’ run the World – by Najma Sadeque  The Global Economy or WHY WE ARE POVERTY-STRICKEN The institutionalised subservience of the South How excited people were at the time! Independence was meant to restore sovereignty to the once-colonized peoples … Continue reading

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