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Perween Rahman:Justice delayed, justice denied

Perween Rahman, the woman behind the Orangi Pilot Project, was killed by land mafia some six months ago but her killers have not yet been brought to justice.  by Najma Sadeque When Perween Rahman’s life was ended by the powerful … Continue reading

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Nobel Prize, by lobby

One no longer has to achieve anything to win the Nobel Peace Prize. Having ‘good intentions’ is good enough!   –         Najma Sadeque Wanna bet? It’s not just international sports like cricket and football and the Olympics, or even beauty … Continue reading

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Going in for the kill

by Najma Sadeque As long as people believe that building an economy mainly requires foreign loans and investments, or that money is intrinsically wealth in itself, we are condemned to remain dependant, manipulated and exploited indefinitely.   Most former colonies … Continue reading

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Why some really don’t want peace – its less profitable

by Najma Sadeque There’s something incongruous about holding a dialogue with the TTP. Despite being an ‘umbrella’ organization, its canopy doesn’t cover all groups. They have varying names and geographical origins, but common purpose. Yet the few that stay out … Continue reading

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Think twice before you eat

by Najma Sadeque Genetically modified vegetables are being cropped everywhere despite worldwide resistance! Suddenly you’ll have to worry about every bit of food you put in your mouth.   ‘Bagharey baigan’, a master dish, takes a lot of skill and … Continue reading

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