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How to take over your neighbours’ lands

By NAJMA SADEQUE Can anyone twist another’s arms to sell off his lands – inherited or bought, occupied or cultivated — against his will? Sounds naive. Of course you can – in Pakistan!      Among the dozen victim parties is … Continue reading

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Wikileaks : the GM/Bt push into Pakistan

By  Najma Sadeque Wikileaks run into so many millions that it takes months or years to ferret out specifics relevant to one’s own country or other linked-up nations. One leak regarding corporate agricultural goings-on in Pakistan from 2008, was fished … Continue reading

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Recolonisation by privatisation

By NAJMA SADEQUE January 08, 2014   “Nothing is sacred … we are packaging up our companies … the state-owned corporations have been well-run for the past few years …. And now we are offering them to investors from all … Continue reading

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Poor Bustard

By Najma Sadeque The meat of the Houbara Bustard is reportedly so tough and stringy, it sticks to the teeth. So why would anyone want to eat it, when excellent meat and chicken are easily available? Well, the Arabs do … Continue reading

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Winning on promising just the basics!

Isn’t a Common Man’s Party what we’ve been wanting too? Why did it happen there and not here? Winning on promising just the basics! The Nation – January 01, 2014 NAJMA SADEQUE Given human nature and fallibility, few countries escape … Continue reading

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