Pakistan Haunting Shadows of Human Security

Pakistan Haunting Shadows of Human Security

This book is part of South Asia Human Security Series published by BIISS and is the product of a three-year regional collaborative research project titled, Human Security in South Asia: Discourse, Practice and Policy Proposition conducted by BIISS under the aegis of the Ford Foundation. The aim of the project was to provide an understanding of the prevailing discourses and practices on human security in South Asia as well as to generate inputs for policy making at regional and national levels. Five individual country papers on Bangladesh, India, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka and in five thematic areas.

Najma Sadeque covers the following chapter in this book :

Pakistan’s Food Security: Unnecessary Risks and Potential Prospects

Pakistan-Haunting Shadows of Human Security











BIISS – The Bangladesh Institute of International and Strategic Studies is an autonomous research organisation.

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