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Alliance of the unaffected

The real causes of hunger and poverty By:Najma Sadeque A favourite quote delivered at NGO/donor conferences enjoins teaching a man to fish so that a self-employing skill that feeds the family serves him for life. The problem today is that … Continue reading

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The debts taken in our name

By:Najma Sadeque  Putting up with parasitism Why does Pakistan routinely consider IMF-style austerity which decision-makers and well-off don’t suffer? Because, as well known, those with ulterior motives don’t have to repay. Mostly the hapless taxpayers do. Every time another loan … Continue reading

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Genetically-modified threats

by Najma Sadeque Monsanto dugs its heels in Pakistan Coming from a politician or bureaucrat, it wouldn’t have been surprising. But it was unexpected from the Vice Chancellor of Faisalabad University of Agriculture when he claimed that GMOs would “bring … Continue reading

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Cashing in on Corpses

These articles by Najma Sadeque was published in The Herald in 1983 The Needles Were Pulled Out The Girl Would Live “Aai i-eee!” Jabboo got up with a start. He had been sleeping soundly, his body tucked snugly sideways on … Continue reading

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How to get rid of a wife

Sheba has been married for 15 years into a wealthy business-­industrialist family. She has two children, a 7-year old daughter and 14-year old son. Not long ago, her husband took on a second wife without so much as a by-your-leave. … Continue reading

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To help endure the last days

By Najma Sadeque   The cancer ward is in the remotest section of the Jinnah hospital, says Dr. Saira, “Not that it was willfully chosen to be that way, but it was therefore the least noticed by visitors. Only if … Continue reading

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Throwback to the Zia era

by Najma Sadeque For women the CII is symbol of the regressive status quo The ushering in of the new government couldn’t have been more inauspicious for women. Days before it was sworn in, the Council for Islamic Ideology jumped … Continue reading

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