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The police state

By Najma Sadeque It seemed so appropriate, so symbolically powerful, that the forgotten, unserved – but not unwashed — masses of a ‘democracy’ should place themselves at the doorstep of the Supreme Court, the highest authority, to appeal for justice … Continue reading

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Container democracy

August 20, 2014 NAJMA SADEQUE Some believe revolution fails when there’s no immediate change of government. But revolution can be a process, progressing in stages, the pressure taking months or years. In developed America, the system became seriously corrupted, increasingly … Continue reading

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For Gaza’s gas fields

The real reason for the unholy haste in razing Gaza that Israel had long rendered unviable  August 06, 2014 NAJMA SADEQUE It wasn’t always about gas. Besides, the manufactured ideology justifying an Israeli homeland by displacing the original inhabitants of … Continue reading

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The revolution: if it comes

August 01, 2014 NAJMA SADEQUE The last time there was a revolution here, it was a misnomer. It was not even indigenous. It was an American transplant called ‘green’ because it concerned agriculture — even though it replaced healthy manure with … Continue reading

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