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In the name of the poor

The Nation – December 25, 2013   by NAJMA SADEQUE   How were government’s various microcredit schemes — launched in 2002 — doing? They decided to check, and after 6-7 years, conducted a field study, getting information from the horse’s … Continue reading

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Fleecing the already fleeced

How to make big money from the poor  The Nation, December 18, 2013 NAJMA SADEQUE People have unfortunately become accustomed to kidnappings for ransom of high profile people and the very rich. Unexpected was poor families being victimized in the … Continue reading

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What most people get to eat

What most people get to eat : despite having a roof over their heads. December 04, 2013 NAJMA SADEQUE    Once upon a time in Pakistan, food was very cheap, especially the third-rate, chemically-grown, nutrient-poor wheat fed to American livestock … Continue reading

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The Profits of Hunger

by Najma Sadeque  What would it take to capture Mr Nawaz Sharif’s attention on wider food matters? He is celebrated as gourmet and banquet king, but that does not extend lower than the middle class. The failed PPP promised “roti, … Continue reading

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Why the ‘feminization’ of poverty happened:

Men designed culture and economies that way! by Najma Sadeque It has probably got something to do with the male psyche or genes or an invariable kind of conditioning that is as old as hills. There was once a belief … Continue reading

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The Scandal of food insecurity’… commonly known as hunger

By Najma Sadeque Published in You!The News on Sunday, January 20, 2013 Around 15 years ago there was a major international UN conference in New York at which women from all over the world gathered, attended mainly by activists, NGO … Continue reading

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How ‘they’ run the World

How ‘they’ run the World – by Najma Sadeque  The Global Economy or WHY WE ARE POVERTY-STRICKEN The institutionalised subservience of the South How excited people were at the time! Independence was meant to restore sovereignty to the once-colonized peoples … Continue reading

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