Why People Grow Drugs

In this book Najma Sadeque’s piece “God’s medicine” bedevilled.

Extract : “Clearly, the problems of drug consumption do not lie solely with the urban centres of the industrialised world. The social and economic costs of drug dependency can be a powerful drain on the scarce resources of developing countries. From the crowded Karachi slums to the refugee camps of Peshawar, Pakistani freelance journalist Najma Sadeque traces the vulnerabilities of an impoverished Third World society to drug consumption and the regional repercussions of this problem.

Why People Grow DrugsWhy People Grow Drugs - back

This book, which includes accounts from Thailand, Pakistan, Bolivia, Colombia and Peru, looks at the issue from the perspective of those who survival depends on narcotics cultivation. The authors argue that unless the growers’ views are taken into account, and viable economic alternatives developed with their participation, control programmes will continue to fail.  The war against drugs may ultimately be won not by guns and laws – but by sustainable development.

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