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They’re selling our country

–    Najma Sadeque   In 2011, thanks to advanced computers, three systems scientists at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology drew on an existing global marketing database of over 30 million companies and investors worldwide. The study, called ‘The Network of Global Corporate Control’, traced their … Continue reading

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Without a fraction of reserve

Banks freely manufacture 90% of money. So why aren’t the majority of citizens being served?    November 27, 2013 NAJMA SADEQUE   Paper money and coins are for the general public – the ‘little’ people, who don’t earn enough to … Continue reading

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Going in for the kill

by Najma Sadeque As long as people believe that building an economy mainly requires foreign loans and investments, or that money is intrinsically wealth in itself, we are condemned to remain dependant, manipulated and exploited indefinitely.   Most former colonies … Continue reading

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How ‘they’ run the World

How ‘they’ run the World – by Najma Sadeque  The Global Economy or WHY WE ARE POVERTY-STRICKEN The institutionalised subservience of the South How excited people were at the time! Independence was meant to restore sovereignty to the once-colonized peoples … Continue reading

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