How ‘they’ run Pakistan

How ‘they’ run Pakistan – by Najma Sadeque

On the National Economy

Is this what Pakistan was supposed to be about ?What are the criteria of progress and a healthy economy?

  • Is it in the statistics compiled in ivory towers ?
  • In the growth and prosperity of the elite and upper middle-class ?
  • In the billions earned from business, industry and export?
  • In increased revenues despite a narrow tax base and high tax evasion ?
  • In the mind boggling foreign debt without concern about repayment?
  • In the invasion of foreign investment and excessive consumerism ?
  • In constantly restructuring administration and governance without accountability or freedom of public information ?

The state of the citizens reflects the state of an economy.

How they run Pakistan-English

Translation into Urdu

How they run Pakistan-Urdu

Translation into Sindhi

How they run Pakistan-Sindhi

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