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How Monsanto made a monster of benign Bt

by Najma Sadeque The way bollworm and other pests die after eating the Bt toxin is rather gruesome, worthy of ghoulish science fiction movies. Bt is a common, naturally occurring bacterium found in soils throughout the world. Nature designed Bt … Continue reading

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An unwanted boost

Why not all technologies are good for you … such as the genetically modified.  by Najma Sadeque Every few years, rumblings are heard about Monsanto representatives lurking in the capital over genetically modified (GM) seed prospects. Recently, grumblings preceded the … Continue reading

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The Profits of Hunger

by Najma Sadeque  What would it take to capture Mr Nawaz Sharif’s attention on wider food matters? He is celebrated as gourmet and banquet king, but that does not extend lower than the middle class. The failed PPP promised “roti, … Continue reading

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