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Fleecing the already fleeced

How to make big money from the poor  The Nation, December 18, 2013 NAJMA SADEQUE People have unfortunately become accustomed to kidnappings for ransom of high profile people and the very rich. Unexpected was poor families being victimized in the … Continue reading

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Without a fraction of reserve

Banks freely manufacture 90% of money. So why aren’t the majority of citizens being served?    November 27, 2013 NAJMA SADEQUE   Paper money and coins are for the general public – the ‘little’ people, who don’t earn enough to … Continue reading

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Dept by Entrapment

Dept by Entrapment – written and researched by Najma Sadeque How the two UN created banks re-colonised the South Information Dissemination Module This module provides a quick and as simple an explaination as possible about the workings and impact of … Continue reading

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How banks make money — off you and me

By Najma Sadeque Published: September 19, 2012 in The Express Tribune Have you ever asked your bank manager how the system works, and how they make your money ‘grow’? Try it sometime. If he obliges, it will either be revealing, … Continue reading

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The Local Money Solution

By:Najma Sadeque – Published in Pakistan Today 27 August 2012 There isn’t just one kind of money banking Colonialism everyone understood. But the most deceptive method of continuing appropriation of global wealth was perfected by the global ‘banksters’. Once in … Continue reading

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