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Increase in Leprosy Because of Refugees Reported

by Najma Sadeque Published in Karachi DAWN in English 21 Jan 1983 Magazine page I Two-thirds of the new cases that are being detected are of Afghan refugees—the impact of which was first felt in 1980. Today the infectivity has … Continue reading

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Why People Grow Drugs

In this book Najma Sadeque’s piece “God’s medicine” bedevilled. Extract : “Clearly, the problems of drug consumption do not lie solely with the urban centres of the industrialised world. The social and economic costs of drug dependency can be a … Continue reading

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Banking the Unbankable

In this book Najma Sadeque’s case study covers Pakistan called “When women earn, children learn.” This book shows how the neediest among the poor, with no collateral, no security and no jobs are organising ways of providing themselves with credit. … Continue reading

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