Ground Realities

Ground Realities – written by Najma Sadeque

Earth’s forgotten biological systems which make food, medicines, agriculture, industry, livelihoods, and life itself possible- and which poorly-informed or narrowly-focused science and technology and may take us down and render us extinct as well, unless we address ground realities.

Ground realities - English











Urbanites take food and agricultural raw material so much for granted, few give thought to the protection of the complex web of processes and participants – human and non-human – that make life possible. It took 10,000 – 15,000 years to develop and almost perfect sustainable agriculture.  It was all but destroyed in less than a century.

Belatedly the United Nations warns that unless we turn back to natural agriculture which mimics nature’s processes and produced with harming the environment the world faces devastation.

Ground Realities-Urdu











Translation in Urdu

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