Land reforms vital for women empowerment

ISLAMABAD: Shirkat Gah, a non governmental organisation (NGO) has called for a short-term solution to feed the hungry masses by introducing land reforms, that in the long run will also empower women at the grass root level.

Head of the Green Economics Shirkat Gah, Najma Sadeque highlighted the idea of ‘An Acre For Every Woman’ during a talk on ‘Food Security and Coping Mechanism’ arranged by National Commission on the Status of Women here on Friday.

“For the emancipation of women in the country, there is a need of attaining self sufficiency in food which can only be achieved through land reforms. If women are given the right to own a little land, they will grow enough food to feed their families and sell the surplus and meet their needs. The idea is not far-fetched because at present 80 per cent work on farms is performed by women in the form of unpaid labour and they receive no formal recognition,” she maintained.

In her presentation, she introduced an alternative idea for producing vegetables on ‘at least 16 square feet’ land which can help meet food needs of a person per year. She said that the area will be enough for growing leafy vegetables including spinach and will not only save money but also provide fresh and healthy vegetables at home.

“Around 10,000 hectares land becomes useless every year due to excessive use of fertilisers. Organic farming is good for saving the soil and has multiple benefits,” she observed.

In a documentary film shown on the occasion, Rahat Haq pointed out that vegetables grown at home are organic and therefore have a positive effect on human health.

“The women growing vegetables will feel a visible impact on their self-esteem and dignity as they will gain control over their lives and will be empowered,” she noted.

The session was attended by members of the civil society who assured their support to taking forward ‘An acre for ever land campaign to empower women in the country.

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